🐱Introducing Toshi the Cat

The Face of Base

$TOSHI is a memecoin named after Coinbase co-founder Brian Armstrong's cat and the pseudonymous creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto. It serves as the face and mascot of the Base blockchain.

Toshi has its roots in traditional memecoin territory with the nascency of Base. Through our evolution and rapid growth, the Toshi developers have crafted the steps to make our community’s ambitions a reality.

From it’s origins as a memecoin, Toshi is evolving into an essential protocol on Base.

Toshi is in the initial stages of becoming a DeFi protocol symbiotic with Coinbase by providing a number of essential and under-represented utilities for the Base ecosystem.

Through the creation of tools necessary to supplement the Base ecosystem, Toshi is able to generate consistent streams of revenue in the form of token accumulation, additional liquidity, and the accruing of long-term partnerships.

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